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Windows Embedded

Windows Embedded

Windows Embedded Compact, Microsoft’s scalable real-time 32-bit operating system, is particularly suitable for devices with small memory requirements (oder small footprint devices). Technologies, such as .NET Framework and Silverlight, are available for it.

Any developer with Windows programming experience can immediately start the application development, thanks to the use of known Windows development tools from the Visual Studio series, as well as known Windows APIs.

A wide range of interfaces are already supported for you by the drivers provided in emtrion´s BSPs for WinCE6.0, WEC7 and WEC2013.

You require further adjustments? We would be delighted to assist you. There is no need for you to wrap your head around the deep structures of operating systems, as you receive a uniform software architecture which matches your hardware perfectly. Benefit from the know-how we have accumulated in this area in well over 15 years!

We are looking forward to receiving your call (+49 721 627 25-20) or email (sales@emtrion.de). Alternatively you can contact us via our Contact form.