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Tarion Base Board with mini PCIe socket

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The Tarion baseboard has a mini PCI Express socket as well as USB OTG and the ability to connect EDT displays. This baseboard is ideally suited for use in series production. It can also be customised for larger piece numbers. Should you wish to develop your own baseboard, it is also available as a reference design (including design documents) for fast development of individual customer-specific solutions.

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Technical Features

Analog Audio via 3,5 mm Audio Jack1 x
Camera (generic) via Pin Header1 x
Capacitive Touch connectable1
EDT Display via FFC Connector1 x
LCD Interface (generic) via DF13 Connector1 x
LVDS Interface (generic) via LVDS Connector1 x
Resistive Touch connectable1
100Base-TX Ethernet via RJ45 Jack1 x
Analog input via Pin Header1 x
CAN (LVTTL) via Pin Header1 x
CAN (with transceiver) via DSub-91 x
GPIO (I²C expander) via Pin Header15 x
GPIO (from SODIMM) via Pin Header4 x
I²C via Pin Header1 x
SATA via SATA Connector1 x
SD Interface via microSD socket1 x
SPI via Pin Header2 x
UART (LVTTL) via Pin Header4 x
UART (RS232) via DSub-91 x
USB Host via USB-A Connector 1 x
USB OTG via miniUSB Connector1 x
miniPCIe socket1 x
5V Power Supply via 2 mm Power Jack1
Backlight (5V) via Pin Header1 x
Over- and Undervoltage protection1
Spread Spectrum Oscillator1 x

Operating Temperature
-25°C to 80°C

Mechanical Dimensions
160mm x 18mm x 100mm (WxDxH)

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