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We take care of your move

We take care of your move

Even embedded systems want to move now and then. If the apartment becomes too small or if there is a need for system migration or software porting, you require diligent and experienced movers. Our developers have already accomplished several moves and are ready to give you a hand.

Maybe you are in the middle of developing your next product generation when its processor architecture or even its operation system changes. Or are you using Software that has been designed for a different purpose but ought to function on your embedded system?

Our software developers are experts, especially when it comes to porting and integrating software into new systems. We are very familiar with the different types of architectures and operating systems due to many years of experience in working with embedded systems. We port your software – regardless if it’s your own or a different Open Source Project - or support and advise you in porting and migration.

Typical porting tasks we do for you:

Please contact us if you would like to take advantage of our moving services!

We are looking forward to receiving your call (+49 721 627 25-20) or email (sales@emtrion.de). Alternatively you can contact us via our Contact form.