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Duty before pleasure

Duty before pleasure

The big advantage of a functional specification is that both parties know exactly what they are letting themselves into in advance. It describes project scope and agreed steps of implementation in detail. Milestones can be defined together and so the project success tracked at any time.

Functional specification (FS) creates structure and transparency – for both sides.

Preparing a FS is usually a process of intense cooperation and communication.

A negative impact on costs and time budget can often be avoided, as the specification process limits the risk of overlooked points and the subsequent implementations. At the end of the specification process, both sides can be certain to have understood each other’s requirements.

We will discuss together right at the project start, whether the creation of a functional specification document is recommended for your specific project and what would be the costs involved.

The specification gives you sureness and control over the entire project process and helps both of us to complete our common goal on time and within the agreed budget.

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