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CPU Modul mit Renesas SH7750 (SH4)

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This product is still available for project customers but it is not recommended for new developments! There is no further development for this product. We would be pleased to continue assisting you in maintaining the software.

Description of the module:

  • SuperH SH4 Processor with 240 MHz (SH7750R) or 200 MHz (SH7750)
  • On-board memory: 16 MB Flash and 64 MB RAM
  • USB, Audio-Codec and serial ports
  • Graphics controller
  • Touch
  • Ethernet interface
  • Fine-Pitch connectors that can be mounted onto any base board
  • Board size 81 mm x 90 mm

Operating systems for HiCO.SH4:

  • Windows CE
  • Linux

There is currently no further information available for this product.