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AVARI Base Board mit GbE, Mini PCIe und USB OTG

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emCON-Base Avari is a baseboard (carrier board) with all the basic functions for our processor modules in emCON format.

It features a RJ45 connector for Gigabit Ethernet and a Mini PCI Express socket, as well as the possibility to directly connect an EDT display.

emtrion can easily modify it customer-specifically for the use in series production.

If you prefer developing your own baseboard, you are very welcome to use its schematics as a reference design to quickly develop your ideal solution. 

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Technical Features

Analog Audio via 3,5 mm Audio Jack1 x
Camera (generic) via Pin Header1 x
Capacitive Touch connectable1
EDT Display via FFC Connector1 x
HDMI Interface via HDMI Connector1 x
LVDS Interface (generic) via LVDS Connector2 x
MIPI-CSI-2 camera interface (up to 4 lanes)1 x
Resistive Touch connectable1
1000BaseT Ethernet via RJ45 Jack1 x
CAN (LVTTL) via Pin Header2 x
GPIO (from emCON) via Pin Header8 x
I²C via Pin Header1 x
SATA via SATA Connector1 x
SD Interface via microSD socket1 x
SPI via Pin Header2 x
UART (LVTTL) via Pin Header4 x
UART (RS232) via DSub-91 x
USB 3.0 Host via USB-A Connector 1 x
USB Host via USB-A Connector 2 x
USB OTG via miniUSB Connector1 x
miniPCIe socket1 x
5V Power Supply via 2 mm Power Jack1
Backlight (5V) via Pin Header1 x
JTAG (ARM) interface via pin header1 x

Operating Temperature
-25°C to 80°C

Mechanical Dimensions
150mm x 107mm x 20mm (WxDxH)

If you need not listed features please contact emtrion!

More information regarding this product are available in our SupportNet.