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6th July 2017

Award Winner- emtrion is RENESAS European Alliance Partner of the Year 2017

 Düsseldorf,July 2017–Renesas Electronics Europe, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced that it has recognised emtrion GmbH as its first European Alliance Partner of the Year. The ceremony for this...

9th May 2017

SBC-MaX with casing

 **available now**     The powerful SBC-MaX can be scaled flexibly from 1*800 MHz up to 4*1,2 GHz due to the use of different processor versions.   Thanks to his high computing power, the performance multi-media...

24th March 2017

embedded World 2017

Thank you for taking your time @embedded world to visit our booth during the exhibition!

24th March 2017

Congratulations to all winners!

Have fun with the Devkit!

Herr Thomas Bürkli

Herr Alexander Cristea

Herr Michael Komarov

18th January 2017

RENESAS Synergy, a complete IoT ecosystem

Whether it’s for a new driver to get implemented into the framework or a complete application with GUI, emtrion helps you reducing development time and risks so you can stick to your budget.   Thanks to a long partnership with...

18th January 2017


Do you want to: - run a real time application alongside a full operating system? - separate security sensitive software from the remaining system? - run multiple operating systems (e.g. Linux and FreeRTOS) at the same time? - prevent a complete...

13th July 2016

SECURITY Developer Kit

 **available now**   Security is also one of our priorities and we have already proven our expert knowledge in numerous projects.   Most ROM-code features are already included in SoCs and used in emtrion’s secure boot...

22nd April 2016

emtrion goes virtual

emtrion has broaden its knowledge base towards the open source virtualization platform Jailhouse with the goal to provide a virtualization solution that is real-time capable, lightweight, secure, certifiable and operable on emtrion hardware. The...

18th February 2016

Android Lollipop- available NOW!

emtrion’s emCON-MX6x Android developer kit now features the latest Android Kernel Lollipop. You can find the detailed instructions on our support site Supportnet and on our website.   We have already proven our Android...

17th February 2016

Generate your Soft-SPS quickly

Make your own Soft-SPS in only a few steps with an emtrion DevKit and freely available software from logi.cals. At first you integrate the logi.RTS runtime system into the RootFS of the DevKit. Afterwards you install the development environment...

7th January 2016

Happy New Year!

We would like to wish all our customers, trading partners and friends a Happy New Year 2016 filled with joy, health and prosperity.

11th November 2015

emtrion is a member of E4Y now!

Embedded4You e.V. is a union of enterprises from German speaking countries, bringing together their competencies and know-how from all areas of the embedded systems industry to advance new technologies for the benefit of their...

16th July 2015

(EFL) Enlightenment Foundation Libraries on SBC-SAMA5D36

Products for consumer market, industrial control systems and other embedded devices often require a touch screen display to offer both, visual feedback to the user, as well as an input method to interact with the system.   In order to achieve...

24th June 2015

Mainline Linux for SBC-SAMA5D36

Available now!   The new Software release for emtrions SBC- SAMA5D36 is based on mainline Linux kernel 4.0. It includes an updated Debian root file system based on the stable Debian version ‘Jessie’.   Full release notes and...

24th June 2015

Experience report from James A. Langbridge

James A. Langbridge is an R&D Engineering consultant. He has been working in embedded systems for over 10 years in the aviation, defence, industry, and telecom sectors.   His impressions: I’ve had the emtrion board for a few...

29th May 2015

*BLOG* Real-Time Linux Part1: introduction

Linux has the advantage to be open-source with great hardware support but it was not designed to be real-time. It is originally designed to be a time-sharing system where the goal is to give the best throughput from the hardware using all the...

15th May 2015

Android KitKat- available NOW!

emtrion’s DIMM-MX6x Android developer kit now features the latest Android Kernel KitKat You can find the detailed instructions on our support site: Supportnet   We have already proven our Android expertise in numerous projects and...

6th March 2015

Real-time Linux out of the box

Available NOW! emtrion’s DIMM-AM335x Debian developer kit now features Real-time kernel packages based on mainline version 3.14. These make it possible to directly test the system with PREEMPT_RT or Xenomai real-time solutions. The...

16th December 2014


Networking is nowadays almost a standard when it comes to embedded systems, whether devices are connected to each other or directly to the internet. Previously, the seclusion from the outside world guaranteed the security of such systems to a...

12th December 2014

Cortex-A9 for ONLY 49€*

Unique in its performance class!   DIMM-RZ/A1H Cortex-A9 with integrated 10 MB RAM (OnChip).    Thanks to the accelerated 2D graphics and emtrion's guarantee of long-term availability, these modules are intended for...

12th January 2015


emtrion is pleased to announce the availability of its SBC (Single Board Computer) based on the new SoC ‘SAMA5D36’ from Atmel. This board is targeting various industrial field applications. With the Lithium battery charger, the...

28th November 2014

YOUR Baseboard! Special OFFER from 7,499€

Your design can be made ready for serial production significantly faster!   Our special offer from 7,499€* includes:  Consulting to achive the best technical solution to meet your requirements Consulting to achive the best...