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13th July 2016

SECURITY Developer Kit

 **available now**


Security is also one of our priorities and we have already proven our expert knowledge in numerous projects.


Most ROM-code features are already included in SoCs and used in emtrion’s secure boot implementation right in the beginning of the boot process. The Second Level Bootloader (U-Boot SPL) gets verified against a signature within the OTP registers.


Afterwards, an external TPM (Trusted Platform Module) checks all software necessary for the system. In the basic configuration of emtrion’s developer kits it is U-Boot and Linux kernel.


To finalize the boot process, SPL loads, verifies and starts the U-Boot boot loader, before it does the same to the Linux-Kernel.

Conducting a integral verification of the root file system guarantees a completely secure environment.


We would be glad to assist you, If you are interested in these services.